Tattoo/Con 2014, the 1st Brazilian Conference for Tattooist, was realized on February 14th, 15th and 16th, on São Paulo, Brazil.

The objective of the event was create contents for professionals of tattoo’s evolution and upgrading. In an innovative, interactive, professional and very organized format, the participants could learn with artists that are reference in their styles.

The conference happened in a place with total infrastructure in an unprecedented format in Brazil, where everybody could acquire knowledge, improve technics and exchange experiences. Each day of the conference was a workshop of a different theme and at least 8 hours duration.

First day was about Lettering with the Spanish Posk (Buenatinta in Madrid). Posk started teaching technicians of his work with an individual assistance to participants. They could practice the Lettering with the artist and had a visible progress in their works already in the first hours of the workshop. In the second part, Posk showed in practice how to tattoo Lettering with wealth and aesthetic harmony presented in his art.

Realism was the theme of the 2nd day of the conference ministered by the Brazilian Ganso Galvão (King Seven Tattoo in Rio de Janeiro), who besides live in Brazil, have a professional experience in many countries. Ganso shared his experiences as tattooist around the world, showing how he works Realism in tattoo. Beyond the technical style approached, Ganso told everybody his story of life, motivating all participants to go in search of their dreams, making clear that with dedication and much study everybody can achieve their goals.

During the practical part of the workshop, Ganso tattooed alive, answering questions bout the realistic tattoo.

Last day was dedicated to the Traditional Tattoo with the Argentinian artist, but living in Spain, El Bara (True Love Tattoo in Madrid), who is a reference in this style. With simultaneous translation from Spanish to Portuguese, El Bara shared information about the history of the tattoo, showed how to work the style. He drew, asked all participants to draw as well and watched and commented one by one.

In the practical part, El Bara made two tattoos, showing step by step of the process and clarified doubts all the time.

We closed the 2014 edition with the certainty of having made a difference in participants’ professional life. Everybody left more experienced than when they arrived and they will take this learning forever. We believe everybody can improve everyday if they leave the comfort zone and seek professional development through dedication and study with professionals, who besides teaching techniques, share experiences.

This was the first of many conferences, Tattoo/Con that will take place annually contributing to quality and professionalism of the tattoo in Brazil.

Organization and execution: Lado B Estúdio – Art school for tattooist and Don Rodrigues Tattoo.




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